Stanley hot melt adhesive are comformity.
Been tested by the international institution Galab in German about

1.  Rosin in glues, sum (K10)
2.  Formaldehyde, 1 pm (K10)
3.  Heavy metals incl digestion, (K10)
4.  AOX and EOX (K10)
5.  Oganotin compounts according to EDANA WSP 351.0-05 (K10)
6.  Dioxins and furans in consumer product (K10)
7.  Phthalates ( K10)
8.  Optical brightner, qualitative (K10)
9.  PAH EC/EPA (K10)
10. BTEX-aromatics, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (K10)
11. Styrene (K10)

Stanley hot melt adhesive has the   perfect testing dates. The reports are following and can be provided upon requirement.





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