Stanley Adhesive Industrial Company Ltd

Stanley Adhesive Industrial Co., Ltd is located in Quzhou Zhejiang, China. Now there are three process lines with capacity 500 ton per month.

There is our new plant designed and being built with the full consideration of hygiene. It will be ready in October 2013 with output 1000 ton per month, still focusing on the hygiene industry as baby diaper, feminine care, adult incontinence, disposalbe sheet and pet pads.

Our innovative, high peel performance adhesive can improve the customer's product performance and production efficiency. While keeping price stable and competitive.



Stanley Adhesive Industrial has two (only two) distributors in Brasilian market.  They are PRODHIGI INT. COM. REP. IMPORTAÇÃO E EXPORTAÇÃO LTDA. and GAMA MPMAN IMPORTACAO E EXPORTACAO LTDA.

We are encouraging the customers in Brasil to contact Prodhigi and Gama for Stanley Adhesive Industrial's hotmelt, and providing constant same quality and competitive cost and good service.

Thank you.

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